The Black Mamba Case

   On May 27, with the possibilities of murder Sophia Heart died from a black mamba attack in west coast Florida. Kathrine Blue, as a result of being a veterinarian who specializes on venomous snakes, owned the back mamba. She openly stated that it was a big accident and she was utterly sad of the outcome. Beside her statements it is known that on the day of the crime or if we can say the accident Kathrine was hosting Sophie Heart, Natalie Hewson, Annie Turner and Diana Thompson for a women’s day off. While being a nice day off, after being in complicated emotions with Sophie Heart, its actual purpose was to get back on good terms with her. It unfortunately ended as a disaster. After the guests had left Sophie had stayed for another cup of tea. While Kathrine was getting the tea ready it is said that curiosity got  the best of Sophie and she opened the cage of the black mamba. As a result she was bitten on her neck and found on the floor. On the other side of the story because Sophie is married to Katherine’s former boyfriend Karl Heart it is thought that this was all planned out beforehand. The case also gets a little complicated when it is found out that Natalie Hewson who also isn’t on really good terms with Sophie because of some political issue, hadn’t left the house when the accident occurred and said that she was in the bathroom the whole time. With the evidence of pictures with her and Karl still being held in her shed, the empty venom box in her neighborhoods trash and finally some of Natalie’s statements the case is lead into obscurity.​​

NOTE: Documents will be issued soon!

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